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Redfield Chris (Chris Redfield)

  • Родной город:
    new york city (nyc)

  • Сайт: : as point man he was a scout who went ahead for reconnaissance and position security.

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    [id646548066|@assessableincreased] :

    ㅤㅤhis marksmanship skills are undeniable and there's no one on the team who can match chris. he's the most dependable guy on the team with great powers of observation and insight.

    ㅤㅤhe's a man of firm character filled with a sense of justice, which he prioritizes over commands depending on the case.
  • Деятельность:
    u.s. air force / s.t.a.r.s. / private anti-biohazard service / b.s.a.a.

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